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Axolotl literature

Mattias Müller matmu at d.lst.se
Tue Jul 22 10:41:24 EST 2003

Hi, I am looking for literature about axolotls and tigersalamanders in
English, German (and Swedish :-) ). I am preparing a comprehensive
article for the Swedish Herpetological Society's magazine 'Snoken' in
Swedish (with an English resume) and would especially like to get hold
on information about the natural history and evolution in the Ambystoma
mexicanum / A. tigrinum complex of the anglosaxian part of America, and
Mexico. If anyone have articles or information about the Mexican
Ambystomatids or the history about the axolotls arrival to Europe, and
about axolotls and tiger salamanders in general, and would scan it and
send it to me I would be in great debt. I also have a few scientific
articles and text books and am willing to share this to interested. 

To be precise without having the list of articles here, I am looking for
the Axolotl Newspaper no. 18, for instance. I was hoping not to be
forced to order the back issue I need as it would be too costly to send
over the ocean, and since it is not the only article I need... In the
age of electronic information this would be fairly easy, if only some
generous sole would help out. I can scan and send other articles from my
collection of 4-500 articles. 
When it comes to herpetocultural sites, there are a few splendid ones,
but the information I need are just not to be found there, that's for
sure. Instead this is the proper forum I suppose, or should be, for my
purpose. I am looking for information helping me to better understand
the zoogeographical spread ways over time, through tertiary, with the
advancements of the different glacials and the following refugias, to be
able to understand the phylogenetical context of the Ambystoma
tigrinum-mexicanum complex including the many closely related Mexican
species, as well as the A. mavortium and A. californiense. I am also
interested of the background history about the first stock of axolotls
ending up in Paris in the 1860's and info about the natural habitat of
axolotls in Xochimilco. Someone gently enough to help me out?

Sincerely Yours

Mattias Müller
A double-graduate student in biology and palaeontology

Mattias Müller
Länsstyrelsen i Södermanlands län
611 86 Nyköping
Tel.nr.: 0155-26 40 12
Faxnr.: 0155-26 46 16
E-postadress: mattias.muller at d.lst.se
Hemsida: www.d.lst.se 

Mattias E. Müller
Depart. of Geology, Div. of Hist. Geol. & Paleont.,
Lund University, Sölvegatan 13, 
SE-223 62 Lund

Mattias E. Müller
S:t Pauli Kyrkogata 15, 
SE-211 49 Malmö
Tel.no.: 0046-(0)40-12 49 44
Mobile tel.: 0733-39 20 05
E-mail: neurergus at hotmail.com 

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