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rafal1 at CARINA.UNM.EDU (afael galindo sanchez) writes:

>          I am a student at the University of New Mexico majoring in biolgy.
>         Recently, I read in Bionet.genome.arabidopsis that an anti-cancer
>         drug, "Taxol" is produced by a simple fungus which was discovered by
>         a platn biologist using a small NSF grant.
>          Does anybody could give me more information about the function and
>         and characteristics of Taxol? In addition, I would like to know the
>         name of the fungus that produces this compound, as well as the 
>         mechanism(s) through which taxol acts on cells whith cancer. I would
>         appreciate it if anyone could provide me this information.

 Taxol comes from taxus brevifolica.  
The mechanism of action is that it prevents kinetochore microtubules
from disassembling. In the dynamic instability model of microtubule
assembly and disassembly, taxol drives the equilibrium to the right.

This information is based on a discussion with a professor and all
errors are mine and mine only. If anyone can provide a more lucid
answer, please do so.

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