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gel with 1-10 micron pores

Dan Guyot daniel at chulkn.chula.ac.th
Fri Dec 3 09:30:57 EST 1993

Dear netters:

	I am trying to separate 1-10 micron Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus 
from microsporidia which is only slightly bigger, ca. 15 microns.

	I have tried ultra-centrifugation on a sucrose gradient without 

	I ran some stock NPV on 0.3% and 0.7% agarose gels for 
two hours today.  There appeared to be a little movement in the 0.3% 
gel.  But it could just be that the wells are bulging.  I'll know 
tomorrow when I continue the run.
	Meanwhile, I want to mix up some new gels to run along side the 
one's I already have.  There was an allusion to electrophoresis on a 
sucrose gradient in a 1970's text on plant viruses.  I'm tempted to mix 
some sugar into the TAE buffer I used to make the 0.3% agarose gel.  
Perhaps this will make it viscous enough so that I can further reduce the 
concentration of agar?
	Any suggestions?

PS.  I'm in Bangkok and don't have direct access to news groups.  Please 
send replied directly to me at

daniel at chulkn.chula.ac.th

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