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MacInPlot 2.4

jean-yves sgro sgro at rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu
Wed Dec 8 12:59:35 EST 1993

Madison 07 Decembre 1993

Tom Smith [Purdue University] did it again: he made his
MacInPlot program even better! You can find it in the
/pub/MacInPlot directory of my anonymous ftp site (see
.sig later for IP address). The file is named
and has to be transfered to your Mac with MacBinary
turned on! Then the file will appear as a self extract
archive on your desktop. Just double click it and the 
contents will unarchive itself into a folder.

As a reminder MacInPlot is a FREE molecular graphics
package that has evolved over the last 4 years. Tom had
started with a QuickBasic program and has turned it now
into a powerful program all written in C. There are LOTs
of options to choose from including Ramachandran plots!

The last features that appeared in version 2.3 were great
but now with version 2.4 he has added CPK (space filling)
rendering with the following options:

Quoting Tom:

"  Under the Geom&movie...
'Change CPK' [...]  The 'default CPK' button
makes a space filling model for all atoms with default radii and 
colors.  The 'delete all atoms' deletes all CPK balls to get
ready for drawing subsets.  Then...

You can then 1) select a residue range 2) choose a color and then...

1) Color that subset using default colors
2) Color all atoms in that residue range the chosen color
3) Color atoms beginning with '?' in that residue range with
the chosen color. "

Tom just uploaded a QuickTime movie to show this CPK rendering
added to his presious RIBBONs capabilities. The file is called:


and shows (if I recognized well enough !!!) the Heme as a CPK
model within a Haemoglobin ribbon.

I can assert that the movie was created directly from PICT frames
saved directly from MacInPlot.

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