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introductory message for this newsgroup

ROBERT COELEN robert at arbo.microbiol.uwa.edu.au
Wed Jan 13 20:53:28 EST 1993

Welcome to the newsgroup bionet.virology

It is the intention to use bionet.virology as a group 
(a) the posting of information relating to:

        (1) Virus taxonomy
        (2) Virus structure and morphogenesis
        (3) Multiplication of viruses
        (4) Virus genetics and evolution
        (5) Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of viruses
        (6) Host response to viral infections
        (7) Vaccinology and antiviral chemotherapy
        (8) Any other matters pertaining to viruses not 
            mentioned above

Whilst the group name is virology and the charter above 
only mentions viruses, postings in the above categories 
about infectious agents such as viroids and prions are to 
be included in this group. Discussion about evolution 
should be restricted to viral evolution only.
(b) the posting of news on methods or reagents relating 
to techniques used uniquely for or with viruses
It is not intended to include postings on methods or 
reagents common to molecular biology. These are better 
placed in bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts.
(c) the posting of articles from various 'non-journal' 
publications such as CDI weekly, and other infectious 
diseases bulletins and the various virus newsletters (eg 
Virus Information Exchange Newsletter)
(d) the posting of articles relating to current outbreaks 
of viral disease around the world

To assist with making this newsgroup active, I would like to contact
editors of newsletters which have information of virological interest. If you
know an editor, or indeed, if you are an editor, I would like to hear from 
you. Three groups that spring to mind immediately are the Rapid Viral 
Diagnosis Groups around the world, viz the PAN AMERICAN, EUROPEAN, and ASIAN 
groups for rapid viral diagnosis. Their newletters could possibly be 
reproduced in this medium. 

As suitable topics/etc come to mind I shall post comments about them and 
please feel free to do the same.

I would also like to point out that I have established a virology gopher and 
a pointer exists at the mother of all gophers (Minnesota). One of the things 
I would like to implement on this gopher is a virology monoclonal antibody 
database. Along the lines of: type of monoclonal, directed against, contact 
person, availability, etc. The format of the database is not yet complete in 
my mind and I would welcome suggestions. Also, if there is anyone out there 
who knows how to implement a searcheable database on a gopher I would like 
to hear from them. Apart from this database I hope to maintain an annotated/
edited/summarised list of articles that appeared in this newsgroup (Although 
that'll depend on some assistance I think !).

Looking forward to replies and further postings,

Kindest regards

Robert Coelen
robert at arbo.microbiol.uwa.edu.au

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