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introductory message for this newsgroup

wais server operator waisguy at solomon.technet.sg
Sun Jan 17 07:09:56 EST 1993

ROBERT COELEN (robert at arbo.microbiol.uwa.edu.au) wrote:
: Welcome to the newsgroup bionet.virology

I had been hoping that it might have been called bionet.microbiology
seeing that there are lots of bacteriologists, parasitologists
mycologists etc out there who might wish to discuss things.
Any chance we might have a discussion group like that Dave (Kristofferson)?

: (d) the posting of articles relating to current outbreaks 
: of viral disease around the world

I shall be travelling to Bangkok to attend a Workshop on 
Biotechnological approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatemtn
of infecious diseases. This workshop is sponsored by the Japanese government
for Japanese researchers and ASEAN counterparts.
 I plan to present a paper to colleagues
on the value of global networking.  I will mention this
newsgroup to them.  I hope to be able to propose some kind of
Asian computer network.

: To assist with making this newsgroup active, I would like to contact
: editors of newsletters which have information of virological interest. If you
: know an editor, or indeed, if you are an editor, I would like to hear from 
: you. Three groups that spring to mind immediately are the Rapid Viral 
: Diagnosis Groups around the world, viz the PAN AMERICAN, EUROPEAN, and ASIAN 
: groups for rapid viral diagnosis. Their newletters could possibly be 
: reproduced in this medium. 

Within a month, I hope our University unixes would have setteled down
sufficiently for a gopher server to be set up on nusunix.nus.sg
Currently, we have the biogopher server on our Singapore Technology
network machine  solomon.technet.sg but diskspace running low.
When that happens, I should be in a position to offer diskspace
(about say 0.1 to 0.3Gb) for gopherable waisindexed data pertaining
to the biosciences, in particular diseases databases ( I work on
chlamydia, pseudomaons psuedomallei and pasteurella anatipestifer)
: I would also like to point out that I have established a virology gopher and 
: a pointer exists at the mother of all gophers (Minnesota). One of the things 
: I would like to implement on this gopher is a virology monoclonal antibody 
: database. Along the lines of: type of monoclonal, directed against, contact 
: person, availability, etc. The format of the database is not yet complete in 
: my mind and I would welcome suggestions. Also, if there is anyone out there 
: who knows how to implement a searcheable database on a gopher I would like 
: to hear from them.

gopher -p/BioComputing/BioCyberians solomon.technet.sg and help yourself
to some pointers I got from network colleagues.

Great work,

Tin Wee TAN

   WAIS operator  waisguy at solomon.technet.sg
or Dr Tan Tin Wee, Department of Biochemistry,
       National University of Singapore.
   Tel 772-3678   Fax 7791453   INTERNET bchtantw at nuscc.nus.sg 

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