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Heren Zhou hz at wega.informatik.uni-hannover.de
Tue Jun 15 11:57:08 EST 1993

***** Postdoctoral Position in Neurobiology ******

Dear Prospective Employer:

I will be completing my Ph.D. in Neurobiology from Shanghai Medical
University in July 1993. I am looking for a suitable postdoctoral

I am currently working on the effects of 5HT receptors in the 
nucleus tractus solitarius, the applications of the intracellular
electrophysiological technique and intracellular injection HRP 
method on the brain slice and the electrophysiological functions 
of different 5HT receptors and the morphologic chacrateristic 
and synaptic connection of 5HT receptors-containing neurons. 
I utilize the microninjection method to the research of the 
physiological function of 5HT receptors in the nuclus tractus 
solitarius in vivo.

Relevant details concerning my works are summarised in the attached
curriculum vitae. 

Thanks for your time.

Yours Sincerely,

Zhongren Zhou

--------------------------  CURRICULUM VITAE -------------------------

Name :               Zhou, Zhongren
Date of birth :      August 14, 1965 at Heilongjiang, P.R. of China.
Marital status :     Single
Sex :         	     Male
Citizenship :        P.R. of China

Present Address:     Room 1201, Bldg. 65
		     Tianlin 14 Cun
		     Shanghai 200233
		     The P.R. of China

Education : 

Sept. 1990 -- present :     Ph.D. student at Dep. of Neurobiology,
			    Shanghai Medical University.

Sept. 1986 -- July 1990 :   Master student at Dept. of Anatomy,
			    Beijing Capital Medical College for 

Sept. 1981 -- July 1986 :   Student at Faculty of Medicine,
			    North China Coal Mining Medical College.

Degrees :

July 1986 : Bachelor of Medicine
July 1990 : Master of Medicine
July 1993 : Doctor of Medicine(will be)

Employment :

Sept. 1989 -- July 1990 :   Assistant Professor
			    at Dept. of Anatomy, 
			    North China Coal Mining Medical College.

Teaching : 

Sept. 1989 -- July 1990 :   Human Anatomy etc.

Research works :

1. Using CB-HRP retrogradely tracing method to detect distribution
   of dendrites and bodies of motoneurons innervating the perineal
   muscles and using image processing technique to quantify them.

2. Combinding the immunohistochemical and CB-HRP retrogradely tracing
   methods to study the neurotrasmitters of the mononeurons 
   innervating the perineal muscles.

3. Using immunocytochemical method to study the expression of c-fos
   in the central nervous system following electroacupuncture of 
   "Quanliao" and electronstimulation of rat tail and combinding 
   two kinds of immunocytochemical methods to detect the 
   co-localization of Fos-LI and neurotransmitters.

4. Using the microinjection method to study the effect of opiate,
   serotonin and other neurotransmitter receptors in nucleus
   paragigantocellularis lateralis and nucleus tractus solitarius
   on the acupuncture analygesia.

5. Using brain slices and intracellular recording to study function
   of the subtypes of serotonin and other neurotransmitter receptors
   in the nucleus tractus solitarius.

6. Using intracellular recording, staining and electromicroscope
   methods to study the ultrastructure of the specific neurons in
   nucleus tractus solitarius. 
Publications :

1. Distribution of the Somatostatin-like Peptide and the Dendrites
   of the Mononeuros Innervating the External Anal Sphincter of the 
   Rat Investigated by Combined CB-HRP Retrograde Tracing and
   Acta of North China Coal Mining Medical College, 1, 1990.

2. Expression of c-fos proto-oncongene following electronacupuncture
   of the "Quanliao" and the electrostimulation of the rat tail,
   Acupuncture Research, 2, 1993.

3. Co-localization of serotonin and Fos-like protein in the rat CNS
   following electronacupuncture of "Quanliao" and pain stimulation,
   Acta of Shanghai Medical University, 3, 1993.

4. Co-localization of Fos-like protein and DB-like immunoreactivity
   following electroacupuncture of "Quanliao" and electrostimulation
   of the rat tail,
   (it's will be presented in Acta Anatomica Sinica Supplement
    Histochemicum Et Cytochemicum). 

References available upon request.

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