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abscjw C.J.Woolston at appbiol.hull.ac.uk
Wed Jun 23 03:50:19 EST 1993

 Hi Ed,
 > Yes, I share the interests: I am working with leafhopper-
 > transmitted monogeminiviruses (with which I think you [CW] have some
 > glancing acquaintance...!), 
 I've dabbled!!
 > and potyviruses, and teach molecular and
 > general virology to under- and postgraduates at the University of CT
 > (California- Tijuana, if anyone asks what "UCT" means on my T-shirt...).
 I'm involved in producing some computer-based (Mac/Hypercard) teaching
 software at the moment - Hypertext-style pictures and descriptions
 of plant viruses and their symptoms - Simulation of an experiment to
 identify an unknown plant virus (student chooses different techniques ie
 host range studies, EM, vector transmission etc and then has to interpret
 the results.)
 > I am also fascinated by molecular systematics of viruses (and have met
 > some others of like mind thru this newsgroup), and indulge my obsession
 > endlessly on a growing database of Gemini-, Poty- and Bromoviridae
 > sequences.
 If you can hang on a bit longer I'll send you a sneak preview of the
 sequence of Paspalum striate mosaic geminivirus! We just have a few
 peculiar features to resolve/confirm.
        Dr. Cris Woolston
        Dept of Applied Biology
        University of Hull
        HULL HU6 7RX UK
        Tel 0482 465549
        E-mail: C.J.Woolston at appbiol.hull.ac.uk

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