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Thu Jun 24 23:10:00 EST 1993

(continuation of a message that was inadvertantly aborted)
I'm interested in the role of the poliovirus receptor
in mediating pathogenesis, something that is not as clear as
one might think.  This has gotten me into monocyte
biology.  I am also interested in the normal role of the
poliovirus receptor, since unlike other viral recetors
that have been identified to date, its normal function
remains unknown.
Althugh I cannot directly comment on the role of DSI kinase
in influenza translation, it seems with poliovirus
that in addition to the cleavage of p220, there may be other
pathways of inhibiting host cell synthesis.
In response to Neil Kilcoin, the mengo receptor should be
quite elusive, but fascinating--do I remember correctly
that mengo will infect virtually any cell type???
I am not so personally interested in the systematics
as some of the other virologists, but I am interested
in their results!!!
It is fascinating that many of the insect and even plant
viruses are picorna-like.  What does this say about
a common origin???

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