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getting started (again)

Thu Jun 24 22:58:00 EST 1993

Hello, all (I assume it's "all"--that is actually my first question.
Does this message go directly to all subscribers????
I sent a brief message earlier today, but got cut off for
unrelated reasons.
There seems to be a focus of newcomers right now.
I wonder if they, like me, just found out about the network
through that article in Genetic engineering news???
I've used email on and off for a number of years,
: I've often felt it's under  utilized.
I think in the future, it will be used more and more.
Especially by nerds and nerdettes.  Oops.
LIke myself.
Another point is that some messages come through
the internet and some through usenet.
I got the usenet message after the messages that were apparently
responding  to it.  Sort of confusing.
I did get the usenet help file, but it is very long.
That's another question I have---Does anyone know how to abort those long mail messages
--it's almost like junk mail--without just logging off?
What computers do people use??Mac or IBM.
There is still an awful lot of kluging that
has to be done between small desktop computers
and nodes in the internet.
I'm still setting the system up in my new place.
So, to get to the science.
Oh, another question is::: who reads this???
i.e., are we assuming that if you write it here,
you might as well put it in the new york times??
If so then, we all (knowingly) hold back.
Well, that's how it is.
OK> My background is actually molecular
parasitology.  My thesis was on mRNA cap
structures in trypanosomes.
Then I studied picornaviral receptors
nNow,it's more general, viral receptors.

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