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getting started (again)

abscjw C.J.Woolston at appbiol.hull.ac.uk
Fri Jun 25 10:55:57 EST 1993

Hi MFREI (Who!?)
> Hello, all (I assume it's "all"--that is actually my first question.
> Does this message go directly to all subscribers????

Yes - anything you send to the list gets sent to all who are on the list.
Many LISTSERVERS allow you to interrogate the database to find out who
else is on the list, but I don't know if this one does (yet).

But - if you use the standard 'reply' function of your mail package your
replies will be sent to the message originator, not to the list, so the
only person to read your reply is the sender. You can get round this 
(as I have with this message) by sending your reply to the list. The 
convention is usually that information which would be of general interest
to the list as a whole can be sent to the list, but stuff which is much
more specific gets sent just to the individual. However, this varies between
lists and it is up to the other people on this list to decide what they want.

> There seems to be a focus of newcomers right now.
> I wonder if they, like me, just found out about the network
> through that article in Genetic engineering news???

Nope - I got a copy of 'A Biologists Guide to the Internet' produced
in electronic form by Una Smith of Yale. This listed hundreds of lists, 
including this one. I joined but there didn't seem to be anything 
happening until recently. This could be because the list is very new
or because people have lost interest!

> I've used email on and off for a number of years,
> : I've often felt it's under  utilized.
> I think in the future, it will be used more and more.
> Especially by nerds and nerdettes.  Oops.
> LIke myself.

Looks like you need a friendlier mail package :)

> Another point is that some messages come through
> the internet and some through usenet.
> I got the usenet message after the messages that were apparently
> responding  to it.  Sort of confusing.

I think you will just have to live with this!

> I did get the usenet help file, but it is very long.
> That's another question I have---Does anyone know how to abort those long mail messages
> --it's almost like junk mail--without just logging off?

Depends on your mail software I guess.

> What computers do people use??Mac or IBM.

> There is still an awful lot of kluging that
> has to be done between small desktop computers
> and nodes in the internet.

I use a Mac - the connection between it and the campus ethernet is easy,
I then use NCSA Telnet to connect to a Unix box which is running ELM - the
mail package. Soon we will be using another package called Eudora which will
bypass the need to use the Unix box completely - the E-mail will arrive 
direct to my Mac.


       Dr. Cris Woolston
       Dept of Applied Biology
       University of Hull
       HULL HU6 7RX UK
       Tel 0482 465549

       E-mail: C.J.Woolston at appbiol.hull.ac.uk

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