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computerised nomogram for Windows

ROBERT COELEN robert at arbo.microbiol.uwa.edu.au
Tue Jun 29 12:16:35 EST 1993


you can now FTP a very early version of a computerised nomogram from : 
arbo.microbiol.uwa.edu.au in the directory /pub/virology. It is early in that 
I haven't completely finished the program. My reason for malking it available 
is that I would like ideas from potential users as to what they would like it 
to do. 

Requirements: I haven't tried it under Windows 3.0, but I suspect it will 
work. This is what I you'll need:

Windows 3.1

Make sure vbrun200.dll is in a directory that is on your search path. The 
windows directory is a good spot. This vbrun200.dll file is a run-time dynamic 
link library which any Visual Basic program (version 2.0) compiled to an 
executable program needs. This means you don't need Visual Basic itself and it 
is freely distributable. You'll find this file also on 
arbo.microbiol.uwa.edu.au, but in the /pub directory as vbrun200.zip
You'll need to unzip both vbrun200.zip and nomogram.zip. The rotors.dat file 
must be in the same directory as nomogram.exe. This file is a text file and 
can be edited with notepad. If you make alterations to rotors.dat please send 
me the additional lines, which I will then add to rotors.dat in the 
nomogram.zip. Additional lines will constitute additional rotors on the list. 
Currently the editing function on the program works but you cannot add or 
delete rotors.

The structure of the rotors.dat file is simple:
first line : number of rotors in the file
second and subsequent lines:
rotor name, average radius, minimum radius,maximum radius, derated (0=no, 
1=yes), max speed, num of tubes, nominal volume per tube
all these elements are separated by commas

Kindest regards,

Dr R.J. Coelen                             phone 61 - 9 - 389 3915
Dept of Microbiology                       fax   61 - 9 - 389 2912
University of Western Australia            snail Nedlands, 6009
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