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Evan W. Steeg steeg at cs.toronto.edu
Tue Mar 23 16:52:25 EST 1993

In article <1993Mar23.051524.9685 at midway.uchicago.edu> buzy at midway.uchicago.edu writes:
>Today Japanese companies own the 7/11 store chain, Dunlop, Universal Pictures, 
>Columbia Pictures, Loews Theaters, MCA Home Entertainment, Tri-Star Pictures, 
>CBS Records, Columbia Records, Spencers stores, Ciniplex Odeon (a big part),
>Firestone Tires and many many more very large US companies while foreigners
>are prevented from owning any important Japanese concerns. Ordinary Japanese 
>are kind wonderful people, but what their companies and government are doing 
>is racist and wrong.
>     To find out more about this (and get a more complete list of the above), 
>read (JAPANYES) "Does America Say Yes To Japan?";Leclerc 1992,93 which is 
>available on INTERNET. (most recent edition is v031993). This thoughtfully 
>written and important article has been circulating widely in many of America's 
>biggest corporations & universities like IBM & Harvard. When you read it (it 
>takes about 30 minutes), you'll see why.

  Let's *please* keep the (racism-tinged) political diatribes out of the
bionet newsgroups, eh?

  (I will note in passing how it continues to amaze and amuse me that
my fellow Americans just go into spin cycle over the simple fact that
Japanese companies make better products at better prices - how *dare* they?! :-)

       -- Evan


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