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Sam Levin Ph.D to be slevin at yu1.yu.edu
Sun May 9 15:34:26 EST 1993

Sergey Levin 
2501 Amsterdam Ave, Ru 420
New York, NY. 10033
phone: (212) 927 0495 
internet: slevin at yu1.yu.edu

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am looking for research position in cell or molecular biology
or related fields. I have done fair amount of independent
research work as it is stated in enclosed resume. I am proficient
in all experimental methods  listed below and have had
successfully completed both of my independent projects. Currently
I am a student in Yeshiva University, New York, majoring in
biology and computer science and planing to continue my  studies
by going for Ph.D in Biology. I would be really interested in
working on a project where I can employ my skills and knowledge
from previous work, but I am ready and interested to learn any
new techniques necessary.
     Unfortunately, I started working on getting summer position
pretty late and most of the places are already taken. If the
laboratory is located anywhere near Manhattan I will be available
to continue my  summer work until december for about 4-5 hours a
day on weekdays and for unlimited amount of time on sundays. 

Now the worst part of the letter. Unfortunately, I am not able to
work as a volunteer (even though I can if you can offer me room
and board) since I am here, in the US, alone and have no one to
support me during the summer. That would mean that  I am looking
for a MINIMAL payment which would pull me through the summer
(from June to September). I am not particular sure what this
number is outside of NYC, but in NYC where I have place to live
it is about $900-$1000  for the summer.   
     I would really appreciate any considerations or advises you
can offer me. If you yourself are not interested but you might
know someone who might be, please freely forward this letter. I
can be always reached at my phone in my dorm or at my e-mail
address. I would really appreciate any help you can offer.

Truly yours
Sergei Levin

PS. For references you can contact J. Mayne, Vassar College at
jemayne at vassar.edu or C. Feit at Yeshiva University, at 
(212) 960 0446.

Research experience: 

Columbia University 1992, May 24 to September 3 
Influence of ATP on Ca++ level in the cell and Cl- flux. 
Tallin Tuberculosis Clinic(ESTONIA, USSR)1991 August 28 Jan 28
Work on resistant strain of tuberculosis - transformation of
mycobacterium tuberculosis with antibiotic resistant genes.  
Tallin Military Hospital(ESTONIA,USSR) 1988,September 1 to 1891
May 1. 
compression syndrome - isolation of toxins released due to the
Biology courses: 
In Tallin Medical School(ESTONIA, USSR): 
Human Anatomy                           3 semesters 
Histology                               2 semesters 
Biochemistry                            2 semesters 
Microbiology                            2 semesters 
Genetics                                1 semester 
parasitology                            1 semester 
pharmacology                            2 semesters. 

Yeshiva University (New York): 
Cell Biology,                           1 semester 
Molecular biology                       1 semester 
Microbiology,                           1 semester 
Immunology ,                            1 semester 
Laboratory techniques and experimental methods:
Fluorescent measurements in micro and in macro: 
Ca++ by fluo-3,fura-2 
Cl- by SPQ, MQAE 
Ion flux radioactive measurements:
Electric cell membrane measurements: 
Micro electrode measurements. 

Bacterial transformation and DNA recombination techniques.
Additional skills: 
Computer programming: C, C++, Any software any Operating System,
configure and use.
For references you can contact J. Mayne, Vassar College at
jemayne at vassar.edu or C. Feit at Yeshiva University, at 
(212) 960 0446.

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