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Subject: RE: Expression of viral antigens

Well, call this a biased opinion, but here at Wash U we are able to get very
large expression yields in mammalian cells using a Sindbis virus expression
vector. Some references:
   London, et al. PNAS V89 pp207-211 (1992)
   Hahn, et al. PNAS V89 pp2679-2683 (1992)
   Bredenbeek, et al. Sem. Vir. V3 pp297-310 (1992)
   Bredenbeek, et al. J. Vir. submitted,"Sindbis Virus Expression Vectors
     Packaging of Replicons using Defective Helper RNAs.

Bear in mind that when studying antigenicity, especially B-cell epitopes, the
most important characteristic to look for is an expression system which will
closely mimic the in vivo folding/post-translational modification of you Ag.
Thus, for quality, mammalian cells can't be beat. With these new systems, high
levels (rivalling bacterial expression levels) can be obtained.
Good luck.

Brett Lindenbach
Washington University - St. Louis

PS I am only sending this to you directly. Feel free to forward this to the
net if you find it interesting.

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