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Expression of viral antigens

H6097Ben%HUELLA.earn at uk.ac.earn-relay H6097Ben%HUELLA.earn at uk.ac.earn-relay
Mon Oct 11 03:27:02 EST 1993

Subject: RE: Expression of viral antigens
: We have a postdoc starting in this lab soon, to work on expression
: of viral proteins for use as antigens in diagnostic tests (ultimately!).
: Can anyone offer advice on what system we should go for?
Dear Jon,
E. coli or even baculovirus will not produce authentically processed
mammalian viral proteins. The best systems of the well studied ones are
vaccinia and adenovirus. However, you may consider also the use of bovine
herpesvirus 1. It is not human pathogen like many viruses used as expression
vector, e.g., HSV-1, VZV, human adenovirus, rhinovirus, vaccinia. It is
neither a lethal animal pathogen as is any pseudorabies (Aujeszky's
disease virus or suid herpesvirus 1) based expression vector. LacZ reporter
gene inserted into its genome can be easily replaced by the desired new gene,
and color screening can be used to identify the positive mutants even if
no antibody is available against your protein. This vector neither require
any special cell line (e.g., a TK negative one). "Of course" it is replication
competent, so there is no need for helper virus. Let me know if you need further
"Happy choosing"!
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