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Fri Oct 22 18:32:07 EST 1993

Madison 20 Octobre 1993


Greatings to everyone!

After presenting my quicktime movies at the American 
Association for Virology at Davis (ASV93), and posting
an announcement on bionet.virology about the anonymous
ftp availability of the files I created, I am please to report
that people *DO* connect and download files!!! I don't know
which ones but there is some traffic on my local machine!!!
and this is good. There are about 5-10 logins per day.
For Internet address of the site see my signature at the end...

I have even gone to the effort of making (so far) 2 of the
quicktime movies as FLI movies that can play on PC running DOS
with the waaplay.zip file also provided on the site. When I
have some time I'll transform a few more... But QuickTime is
much easier and versatile on the user. I do not own a PC and
cannot go into creating other PC versions in e.g. AVI format.
If you have the capability to do it I'll be more than happy to
give you the single frames and  pass on to you the responsability 
to create them!...

My site is also the primary distribution site for a very nice FREE
and useful program written for the Macintosh written by Tom Smith,
Purdue University. For over a year now Tom has re-written his
original MacInPlot (alias MacFrodo for some people) in the
C language and is coming up with new tools every other week
almost!!! As soon as he completes a new version it is available
within the hour on this site!!!!!!! Isn't ftp great?

MacInPlot will allow you to read in a Protein Data Bank file,
create background images of various color, even Ribbon diagrams
and automatically create frames for making your own QuickTIme
movies!!!! His latese addition is one that allow you to create
Ramachandran Plot of any portion of a protein that you define!
An you can even click on the plot points to know where they
come from.

For the crystallographers it will even allow you to import a
plot file from O or FRODO and display some electron density.

Files from MacInPlot can be exported in the MacMolecule format
(a free program from the University of Arizona) to view them
as ball&stick or space-filling. A newer option is to export the
file as DXF format wich is a format from a CAD PC program . This
allows you to "render" the file in another 3D program if you
have it.

If you download MacInPlot it is still a good idea to e-mail Tom
that you want to be on his registered user list (The Program is FREE)
because he will send you a letter each time he releases a major
improved version (about twice a year).

Although people are connecting to the anonymous ftp site there
is still the problem to easily integrate computer viewing in
the classroom for those who teach and also the problem of
being able to connect to the anonymous site if you don't
have Internet access. Also the scope of each of the quicktime
movies is quite limited.

After the presentation at ASV93, I have decided to put together
a video for ASV94. Originally I was just thinking of transfering the
quicktime movies to a video but I will try to do much better
than that. I have alreay created a 10 min prototype describing the
structure of Rhinovirus and plan on adding a few more subjects:

	1- Quasi Equivallence explained with the CCMV structure
	 	just solved at Purdue.
	2- Rhinovirus structure with WIN drugs, pocket factors,
		 parallel with Polio
	3- Antigenic sites (rhino, polio)
	4- HIV protease inhibitors
	5- Sindis core virus (protease)
	6- Influenza HA (?)
There should be room for other things like Herpes... I will have to 
limit the scope to a few well defined problems if I want to be able 
to accomplish something concrete and not be "swamped" in too much 

If you have an idea for a story to tell you can contact me and
propose the idea. It would help if you present the idea in a 
structured fashion e.g. as a series of "scenes" to show, so that I can see 
if I can indeed create the video accordingly. I want to limit the scope 
to more structural problems because these are the hardest to visualize. 
Putting gels, western blots or Elisa plates on the video is beyond my 
intentions because anybody has access to such data easily and motion
is not essential in this case.

The intention is not to create a Jurassic Park movie for Virology (athouh it
could be great) because such a movie has a budget of millions of $ and
dozens of people working full time... But it still will be a GREAT movie.!!!
In any case I will plan a showing of the movie at the coming ASV94, which 
will be held here in MADISON, Wisconin, USA.... If I can I'll
have the movie available right then, otherwise we'll have to take order for
shipping. For the cost I have no idea so far but I want to keep it as
low as I can to ensure wide distribution. It may depend on how much
we are charged for the large scale duplication involved from the original...
....whih does not exist yet....!!!!

I hope this will sound like good news to some of you!

Jean-Yves Sgro, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist

Institute for Molecular Virology
Robert M. Bock Laboratories
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1525, Linden Drive
Madison Wi 53706 -USA-

e-mail:         sgro at macc.wisc.edu
anonymous ftp:  rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu
(Internet #  :
telephone:      (608) 262 - 7464
facsimile:      (608) 262 - 7414
[USA International country code is 1]

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