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RYBICKI, ED ED at micro.uct.ac.za
Tue Oct 26 08:18:40 EST 1993

> > >-------------
> > >After presenting my quicktime movies at the American
> ...
I must thank Chris and Peter for replying, now I know what to do!!

But about the PC versions: I downloaded waaplay and a couple of the 
shorter movies for PC, and they are WONDERFUL!!  I totally blew out 
the cerebral cortices of a couple of grad students, showing them 
herpes and rhinovirus capsids (and the sparkplug) rotating around, 
and then in about 15 min I managed - using RasMol for Windows - to 
make my own movie of bean pod mottle virus capsid protein subunit 
rotating about its long axis, in framework and spacefill modes.  
Unreal!!  Talk about lending a sophisticated touch to lecturing on 
virus structure...icosahedra will never be the same again.  Now all 
I need is a sufficiently uninterrupted ftp session to get the long 
movies in!

Jean-Yves, you are an international resource.  More power to your 

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