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jean-yves sgro sgro at rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu
Sat Oct 30 11:33:32 EST 1993

|> I have an INCREDIBLY simple system which came with an OLD textbook - 
|> it is a fold-together cardboard structure with two very simple 
|> lenses; I used it to look at images on-screen rotated 4deg wrt each 
|> other, and it worked fine - it came from Taylor-Merchant Corp, NY.
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I see what you mean, but that the size of the images is a limiting
factor and you probably have to hold the viewer against the monitor
in order for it to work. The advantages of the nu3Dvu glasses are
that you have 2 free hands, don't have to assume an ackward position
and therefore allow you to view stereo imges more confortably and
most of all for long periods. This last aspect is of importance
for people that do electron-density fitting in Crystallography and
sit all day in front of the screen...!

In any case the system you describe is now called STEREOPTICON 707,
is foldable and is in plastic. It cost about 3 or 4 US$.
It allows you to view stereo pairs mostly in journals, but are not too 
big (max is probably about 4incheswidth per image).

The address of Taylor Merchant Corp.:  	212 West 35th street, New-York
				 	NY 10001 USA
					(212) 757-7700
			Order toll free: 800-223-6694	
				By Fax : 212-757-7703

It is indeed a much cheaper solution for very occasional use!

Thank you for pointing this out


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