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q-beta and r17 sequences

James Tisdall tisdall at amalthea.humgen.upenn.edu
Thu Feb 10 20:18:58 EST 1994

In article <2je8qd$gkc at charm.magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu> tchang at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (Tien-Hsien Chang) writes:
>     I have attempted to retrieve the complete sequence information of 
>bacteriophages Q-beta and R17 without success.  Does anyone know whether these 
>two phage genomes have been completely sequenced?
>     I am mainly interested in the complete sequence information of the COAT 
>PROTEIN genes in both phages.  I am also searching for sources where I can 
>obtain these "cloned" genes.
>     Your helps are much appreciated.
>                         Tien-Hsien Chang, Ph.D.
>                         Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics
>                         The Ohio State University
>                         Columbus, OH 43210
>                         (614)-292-0631
>                         (614)-292-4466 [fax]
>                         tchang at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu

DNA WorkBench found the following.

DNA(At 962 of 962)% searches
   Size  Number  Command
    149       1  text q-beta (in gball gbnew)
    147       2  text r17 (in gball gbnew)
    666       3  text coat (in gball gbnew)
DNA(At 962 of 962)% intersection 1 3
DNA(At 5 of 5)% headers 1-5
     1 LEQBET first half of the phage Q-beta gene for coat protein. 
     2 PQBCP5 bacteriophage qbeta coat protein cistron first half. 
     3 M24876 Figure 3. RNA sequence around the beginning of the replica
     4 ECOA1COAT Escherichia coli RNA bacteriophage Q-beta coat protein 
     5 ECQB120 E. coli/Q-beta phage recombinant RNA RQ120 
DNA(At 5 of 5)% intersection 2 3
DNA(At 7 of 7)% headers 1-7
     1 MS2CG Bacteriophage MS2, complete genome. 
     2 PODOT7 Genome of bacteriophage T7. 
     3 R17APROT bacteriophage r17 a protein initiation site. 
     4 R17COATP bacteriophage r17 coat protein initiation site. 
     5 R17CP5 Bacteriophage R17 coat protein gene, 5' end. 
     6 R17CPRAA Bacteriophage R17 coat protein RNA fragment. 
     7 R17RNASYN bacteriophage r17 rna synthetase initiation site. 

The complete sequence could then be obtained by typing the number of the
sequence of interest.

(DNA WorkBench is available from cbil.humgen.upenn.edu:/pub/dnaworkbench).

James Tisdall
Departments of Genetics and Computer and Information Science
Computational Biology and Informatics Laboratory, Human Genome Project
University of Pennsylvania

tisdall at cbil.humgen.upenn.edu

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