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Collaboration, Discovery, and Change

Chris Bongart cbongart at delphi.com
Sun Jun 5 11:57:30 EST 1994

1¾Collaboration, Discovery, and Change
A Brief Introduction
Chris Bongart    cbongart at delphi.com

Please note:  The project described in the following 
document is an independent, non-profit, public 
service entity.

The following document is an introduction to a proposal 
scheduled for release 30 June 1994.  The Creative 
Center discussed below is a VR-based system, allowing 
multi-user interaction with other users, and also, with 
an array of information exchange and workgroup conferencing 

The text below is meant to serve firstly as an introduction, 
and secondly as a prime for thought.  Please keep in mind 
the many, varied possibilities for application.  These 
applications explain why the document was posted to your 
particular discussion group.  

As is mentioned, the continuation of this project is contingent on 
the interest and support of users like yourself.  Please contact 
cbongart at delphi.com with comments, suggestions, and 

During the past few decades, the world has 
seen a startling number of changes, advances, 
and innovations.  We have developed new technologies, 
new resources, new tools, and as a result, a new 
way of thinking.  We realize, that with the 
power we now possess, we now have the 
power to change the world.  

However, it is becoming increasingly apparent 
that a new form of change is in order.  We 
need to pull ourselves from the restrictive, 
beauracratic workplace of today, and enter the 
bold, new next generation of the Creative Center.  
We need to bring together the people of the 
world, their cultural ties, their professional 
aptitudes, their creative intuition.  Bringing 
these people together in one place, every day, 
allowing them to freely exchange their ideas 
and thoughts, will lead us to solutions to 
nearly any problem.    

Taking full advantage of the vast connectivity 
and communication possibilities of the Internet, 
the Creative Center will be a global, on-going 
collaboration of people and thoughts, technologies 
and tools.  A means of drawing answers from 
the people who know.  A way of working where 
the creative professional can join with a dynamic, 
ever-changing group of committed visionaries.  
These people, drawn together by a common 
need for change and a love for discovery, will 
work together within the confines of this 
proposed Creative Center.  Exploring new 
development possibilities in all fields, not 
just computer-related topics.  Committed 
to challenging outdated ideas and primitive 
ways of thinking, the Creative Center's various 
teams will solve the problems no traditional 
organization even approaches.   

A comprehensive proposal is being prepared at 
the present time.  Scheduled for release to the 
Internet community (pending support and approval) 
on 30 June 1994, this document will outline the 
thoughts and visions i have of this new workplace.  

Any questions, comments, support, or other 
communication can be emailed to cbongart at delphi.com.  
A Usenet discussion group may be established 
in the near future to help promote the 
exchange of ideas regarding this project.  

nd primitive 
ways of thinking, the Creative Center's various 
teams will solve the €€K÷~	Ò

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