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David Huen s.d.huen at bham.ac.uk
Mon May 16 12:46:15 EST 1994

In article <2pgq2c$pt8 at cismsun.univ-lyon1.fr>, djou at ifhpserv.insa-lyon.fr
(Yassine Djouadi) wrote:
> Hi
> I am working on the EPSTEIN-BARR virus in the
> framework of my thesis. I am looking for the
> community that works on it. Also, does anyone
> have references and/or indications about previous
> works and results on this virus.
> Thanks for your help
> ------------------------------------------
> Yassin DJOUADI
> Mail: djou at if.insa-lyon.fr
> Address: INSA /LISI bat 502
> 	 20 Ave Albert EINSTEIN
> 	 69100 Villeurbanne
Medline will be littered with references to this virus.

Major centres of research (not exhaustive so don't flame me if you're not
France: IARC Lyon. Thomas Tursz, Guy de The. Pierre Busson, A. Sargeant.
the Villejuif labs.

Germany: G. Bornkamm, Dick Eick, zur Hausen (formerly). N.
Mueller-Lantszch, Hammerschmidt.

U.K.:- A. Rickinson, L.S. Young, M. Rowe (all Birmingham), D. Crawford, B.
Griffin, Paul Farrell (all London), J. Arrand, M. Mackett (Manchester).

U.S.:- E. Kieff (heap big EBV mol. biol.), F.Wang,. J.Pagano, N.
Raab-Traub, D. Hayward, L. Hutt-Fletcher, B. Sugden, Sam Speck, J.
Strominger, lab at St. Jude's-Memphis, many many others.

also look under nasopharyngeal carcinoma, endemic Burkitt's lymphoma,
Hodgkin's disease, infectious mononucleosis, lymphoproliferative disease,
gastric carcinoma, hairy leukoplakia, AIDS lymphomas, etc.

Abstracts for all current EBV research can be found in the recently
launched EBV Report, plus reviews (L.S. Young ed.). Other reviews appear in
places like Advances in Viral Oncology, Field's Virology. etc.

You'll get to do A LOT OF READING to do, me old mate......

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