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RYBICKI, ED ED at micro.uct.ac.za
Mon May 16 02:56:06 EST 1994

> Has anyone sequenced the capsid protein or the gene of the potyvirus
> blackeye cowpea mosaic virus? I am interested in comparing this 
> to the peanut stripe virus sequence I have. Please reply to my 
> address. Thanks 
> Brandt Cassidy               /\     //======         MSG: 

...and of course, if you have, then also please submit it to the 
Potyvirus Sequence Database, as advertised here: email to phil berger 
(pberger at ag.uidaho.edu) or to ed rybicki (ed at micro.uct.ac.za) for 
inclusion in a large and growing resource of info on potyvirus 
sequence.  I enclose some more relevant info below for a refresher.

The database is located on the University of Idaho Gopher and FTP 
servers, and the 
University of Cape Town Gopher and FTP servers.  Anyone with access to 
Internet can access the PSD.  The easiest method is to simply use PC 
Gopher / WinGopher for PC 
compatible computers or TurboGopher for Macintosh computers.  Gopher 
access in Idaho is via gopher.uidaho.edu, 1/ UI Gopher 
Services/Library: Electronic Publications/Potyvirus Databases; at 
University of Cape Town it is via gopher.uct.ac.za, University of Cape 
Town Campus
Information/Microbiology/Potyvirus Sequence Data.  Both use server 
port 70.  For those who want to 
do it the hard way, use anonymous FTP to crow.csrv.uidaho.edu 
( or ucthpx.uct.ac.za 
( and go to /pub/data wherein you will find a directory 
called potyvirus, which 
will contain the individual sequence files.  You can, in either case, 
FTP data files from the server 
to your own computer or simply list the file and copy and paste.  
Specifically how this is done 
will depend on the kind of computer you are using and the specific 

Should you encounter any problems accessing or using the database, 
please don't hesitate 
to e-mail us at:

	pberger at marvin.ag.uidaho.edu
	ed at micro.uct.ac.za

	Other associated files:

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