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Flesh Destroying Virus hits UK

Dr. M.C. Diffin mdiffin at crc.ac.uk
Thu May 26 21:33:02 EST 1994

>In article: <YAJCC.30.2DE2D493 at ntx.city.unisa.edu.au>  YAJCC at ntx.city.unisa.edu.au (James 
>Crockart) writes:
>> Reported in the paper, TV and radio news the other day was a story about a 
>> very nasty sounding virus. It was called necrosis.(s something.)

The *disease* is called necrotising fasciitis; the offending *bacterium* is
usually a type A streptococcus.
>> The only effective treatment of this disease so far has been the amputation of 
>> the affected limb.

I'm afraid that's completely misleading.  Agressive antibiotic treatment,
especially with penicillins or cephalosporins, is successful if initiated
soon enough.  Surgical debridement is useful, and I believe hyperbaric
oxygen therapy has been tried with some success.

>> 7 cases have been reported in a few months arround Gloustoshire in England, 
>> although I heard mention that there had been infections in Norway and New 
>> Zealand.
Potential for the disease exists where type A streptococci exist, so I
cannot see many countries being exempt!  

BTW, some evidence links NF with NSAIDS (I think this is controversial),
and less surprisingly with AIDS.
Michael Diffin
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