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Retrovirus Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor

Michiaki Masuda masuda at fcs280b.ncifcrf.gov
Tue May 31 18:33:07 EST 1994

In article <MAILQUEUE-101.940518092532.181 at micro.uct.ac.za> ed at micro.uct.ac.za writes in response to my:

>> Is anyone in this group planning to attend the Retrovirus Meeting at 
>> CSH? This year why don't we get together
>> for a drink or two after the first session on the first day? I'll be
>> down at the bar, ... as usual... 8-)

>Now remember: it's called a networking of virologists, and you have to 
>wear your email address to distinguish yourself from the hoi-polloi.

   At the CSH Retrovirus Meeting, it's simply called a drinking of virologists,
and it seemed to be the case this year, too. 8-)

   The meeting itself was nicely intensive and pretty enjoyable. Compared
with last year, when we had three oral sessions in a day (morning, afternoon,
and evening), there were only morning and evening sessions this year.
This seemed to be facilitating better interaction during the poster sessions.

   Although there were quite a few HIV-related presentations, the way we
had the meeting this year put me under the impression that retrovirus,
that has been wandering in the fields of oncology and AIDS research and
has been "despised" by quite a few "genuine" virologists for its promiscuity
for quite a while, has come back to its old nest.

   Anyway, it was a good meeting, I'll be there next year, too, and
join the "drinking of virologists" again. 8-)

   Finally, I'd like to thank the three meeting participants, who found
or heard about my "let's get together" posting, for mentioning it to me. 

Michiaki Masuda, M.D., Ph.D.
Visiting Associate
Laboratory of Molecular Oncology
National Cancer Institute
Frederick, MD 21702-1201
E-mail: Masuda at ncifcrf.gov

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