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Why negative strand RNA viruses?(was:none)

robert at chironex.jcu.edu.au robert at chironex.jcu.edu.au
Tue Oct 4 19:13:17 EST 1994

In article <36r760$u7 at hermod.uio.no> ohungnes at bioslave.uio.no (Olav Hungnes) writes:
>RYBICKI, ED (ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za) wrote:
>: Think on this: it may be possible to convert a (+)-sense 
>: RNA virus to a (-)-sense by simply biasing the relative amounts of 
>: the different strands being made (perhaps by swapping ori sequences 
>: on the diff strands?) - and maybe that is what happened.  That, or a 
>: dsRNA virus forgot to make a second strand....

Yes, or mutations occurred which affected the stability of the (+)-sense strand. 
Is there any evidence that amongst the (+)-strand virions there are some (-)-strand
containing particles also ? At a pinch, with todays PCR technology we should be 
able to answer that question if it hasn't already been done.



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