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A little question about an idea

Michael McGinnis mcginnis at kuhub.cc.ukans.edu
Mon Oct 10 11:36:03 EST 1994

I have an idea to bounce off of someone who knows about viruses.

I write a little science fiction and I like to keep my ideas close
enough to real science so that someone who actually knows about the
field (physics, biology, whatever) would have to think for a few
moments to find any flaws.  If the idea is that plausible then I feel
it's probably good enough for sf.

Idea for fighting retroviruses:

Manufacture a little retrovirus.  It has RNA coding for a cell surface
protein that will trigger an immune response.  But, the retrovirus has
no code for reverse transcriptase and so cannot become active on 
its own.

Inject a person and these little viruses inject their code into cells
around the body, but only in cells actively infected by retroviruses
does the code become active.  In those cells surface protein flags are
manufactured and the immune system easily finds the actively infected

Alternatively, the "safe" retrovirus has code that causes a cell to
lyse (do I have the word right... dissolve/explode?).

Are there obvious problems with this?

Email replies are preferred.  Thanks.

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