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Aussie Horse virus

Michael Poidinger mikep at uniwa.uwa.edu.au
Mon Oct 10 17:06:20 EST 1994

In article <MAILQUEUE-101.940928094340.288 at molbiol.uct.ac.za> ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za ("RYBICKI, ED") writes:
>From: ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za ("RYBICKI, ED")
>Subject: Re: Aussie Horse virus
>Date: 28 Sep 1994 00:51:35 -0700

>> Has anyone heard of the virus that has killed 14 horses and a 
>trainer in
>> Queensland?
>> Just very interetsed.  The Horses went off their food, then had 
>> breathing and died, and the trianer exhibited the same symptoms 
>and was
>> hosptialised, ending up on respirators and a dyalsis machine, and 
>> today.
>> Suggestions as to what it is? Not being very virology minded is 
>this cross
>> species transfer very unusual?

>African horse sickness vaccine as grown at Onderstepoort in SA has 
>been known to infect, and cause blindness and other neurological 
>symptoms in, humans who were inadvertently exposed to it....  But 
>yes, the Aus outbreak sounds rather nasty, any details?

The virus was (as I mentioned in a previous post)  Morbilli, one of the 
paramyxoviruses. I was unaware the trainer had died. Up until a few days ago, 
no virus could be isolated from his system, but his blood lit up the 
appropriate elisa like a Xmas tree, and it was the same virus as killed the 

Just as well we are not in for any virological suprises hey Ed?

Last dig, I promise. Honest.


Dr Mike Poidinger        
Microbiology, UWA       ==> Animal Welfare NOT Animal Rights       
mikep at uniwa.uwa.edu.au 

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