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A little question about an idea

RYBICKI, ED ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Tue Oct 11 06:25:27 EST 1994

> I write a little science fiction and I like to keep my ideas close
> enough to real science so that someone who actually knows about 
> field (physics, biology, whatever) would have to think for a few
> moments to find any flaws.  


> Idea for fighting retroviruses:
> Manufacture a little retrovirus.  ...
> Inject a person and these little viruses inject their code into 
> around the body, but only in cells actively infected by 
> does the code become active.  In those cells surface protein flags 
> manufactured and the immune system easily finds the actively 
> cells.

intriguing, and could potentially work - IF RT works on extraneous 
RNA, and not only on RNA it is co-injected with?

> Alternatively, the "safe" retrovirus has code that causes a cell 
> lyse (do I have the word right... dissolve/explode?).

Above would only do what HIV/lytic retroviruses do, and make the 
situation worse - what do others think?

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