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Polio vaccination

Chris Upton cupton at sol.uvic.ca
Tue Oct 18 11:16:45 EST 1994

In Article <37q4ck$4q0 at canopus.cc.umanitoba.ca>, umfunk15 at cc.umanitoba.ca
(Duane James Funk) wrote:
>        I would think that the immunity from a vaccine would last for
>quite some time.  But for twenty years?  I wouldn't want to risk it.
I'm not sure you have a choice!! -if booster vaccination is withdrawn.
The note I read didn't go into details, but I would be concerned about this
virus getting on a plane and arriving in the "Western Hemisphere" before you
can say "Sabin and Salk". Surely vaccination is what is keeping the
infection out of  the W-H?
.....the last time I remember getting a booster is >20yrs ago.

Various people (not usually virologists) have voiced concerns about
rebuilding smallpox from DNA clones....  and suggested that even the clones
be destroyed.
But what happens when the same time comes for polio? You can even make the
virus in a test-tube!!!!!!!!



>        What is of a greater concern is the fact that the polio virus is
>non-enveloped.  This means it can survive for years outside of a host.  So
>if they destroyed the stocks a la smallpox, could there be a recurrence of
>the disease leaving us vaccine-less?  (I don't think vaccine-less is a
>word but oh well)
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