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Diploid Viruses?

Olav Hungnes ohungnes at bioslave.uio.no
Fri Oct 28 05:42:46 EST 1994

Heather D. Mayor (hmayor at bcm.tmc.edu) wrote:
: In article <38oj6c$es6 at hermod.uio.no>, ohungnes at bioslave.uio.no (Olav
: Hungnes) wrote:

: >" Furthermore, the retrovirus particles contain two copies of the 
: genomic RNA.  >They will be "homozygous" if originating from a cell with 
: only one provirus, >and may be "heterozygous" when incorporating 
: transcripts from two different >proviruses ( probably random) in a 
: mixed infection setting.  Recombination >between the two copies seems 
: to happen frequently: "

: > Rearrangements and homologous recombination in retroviruses is quite 
: > common. The frequency of recombination is so high that two sites 1 kb 
: > apart is reported to segregate independently. 
: > 
: > Olav
: > -- 

: Where is the published information that recombination between the two
: copies of the retrovirus RNA occurs frequently?

I think I found it in:
Coffin, J.M. (1990): Retroviridae and their replication. In: Fields, BN 
and Knipe, DM: Virology.

I just now saw the abstract of an article in the 
january issue of J. Virol. reporting relevant data:
Jones, JS; Allan, RW; and Temin, HM (1994): One retroviral RNA is 
sufficient for synthesis of viral DNA. J Virol 68(1), 207-216.
Haven't seen the article yet, though.

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