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A Modest Proposal

Chris Upton cupton at sol.uvic.ca
Tue Sep 20 19:12:04 EST 1994

In Article <CwFxpF.F1H at ncifcrf.gov>, tobin at fcs260c.ncifcrf.gov (Greg Tobin)
>After reading this post, I understood why the author wishes to remain
>anonymous!  Talk about a dangerous idea!
>For those that missed the post in question, the author wants to crate
>a recombinant virus (RSV?) that will immunize females against sperm
>proteins.  Supposedly, their immune systems would then neutralize sperm
>and prevent fertilization.  The virus would be spread by aerosol and effect
>would be evident within one generation.
>1.      Although over-population is a real problem, underpopulation could
>        also hurt the global society.
>2.      Virus would need to constantly replicate to induce enough sperm-
>        specific IgA in the vaginal canal.
>3.      The pupetrators would have a great deal of control over where the 
>        infection starts, etc. and who would first be immunized against
>        the vector.
>4.      Immunization against the vector would defeat the purpose.  This would 
>        be done in developed countries within a few years of discovering
>        the crime.  Thus this is a formula for reducing the population of
>        the _developing_ world only.  If this is reprehensible, then here
>        is another problem!
>Greg Tobin, Ph.D.                        tobin at lcms-1.ncifcrf.gov
>PO Box B
>Frederick, MD 21702

This is exactly what they want to do in Australia to curb the rabbit
population!!!!!!!!  Thankfully the myxoma virus does not infect humans!!

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