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hepatitis c virus

Laurie Sonnenfeld laurie at teleport.com
Thu Sep 22 17:59:30 EST 1994

my spouse has hepatitis c. In reading the literature on US healthlink, 
I see that researchers tests for the "levels of viremia", not just for 
the existence of the virus. They apparently have a way to quantify the 
level of the virus. At least one resercher found, for instance, that the 
people with lower levels of the virus responded best to the 
conventionally offered treatment--interferon. 

question one--is there any way to get access to these types of tests? Our 
physician says, no. She says all they can do is test for the presence of 
the virus, and test liver enzyme levels, and perhaps do a (risky) liver 
biopsy to determine the condition of the liver. The problem is that the 
liver enzyme tests fluctuate a lot in relation to food intake, stress & 
other factors, it seems. So it is hard to use them to evaluate treatment.

question two (& three)--does anyone know of a hepatitis c internet support 
group or news group? Is this totally the wrong place to post this?

item 4--my spouse has undergone alternative treatment for the past 9 
months or so, acupuncture, chinese herbs, naturopathic supplements to 
support the liver, and some dietary adjustments. His symptoms improved a 
great deal during this treatment (symptoms: fatigue, irritability, low 
energy, depression, low immunity to colds & coughs). The liver enzymes, 
however remained in the same general range.  

any responses very welcome!

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