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Request for OffTopic Help

Avc avc at ace.com
Mon Sep 26 12:05:39 EST 1994

                                        September 21, 1994

   Hello.  I realize that I most likely will be off topic here,
   but I was hoping I could ask for some feedback from the
   members of this Newsgroup.  My name is Barbara Schulz and I
   am the general manager of Computer-Based Communications.
   We've been working in partnership with 25 organizations
   around the United States to come up with a better way for
   employers and job seekers on Internet to find each other
   quickly and easily.

   What we've designed is called the  Argus Virtual Classifieds
   and I've been posting the information directly into the jobs
   related newsgroups for the last 7 weeks.

   The program is still in it's infancy.  We're only listing
   about 300 positions, but we do have a nice cross-section of
   positions.  You'll find permanent and contract positions,
   technical and professional skills, entry level and senior
   positions, large, small and mid-sized organizations.

   Each week, after I post the new set of openings, I always
   ask the people who are participating in this program for
   their ideas on how to make it better.  This feedback has
   been very helpful to me as I continue to change and refine
   the program.  But the responses have always been limited to
   those people who tend to frequent the jobs areas - NE.Jobs,
   Misc.Jobs.Offered, Biz.Jobs.Offered, Misc.Jobs.Contract,
   Misc.Jobs.Offered.Entry, etc.

   I would very much like to invite you, or perhaps someone
   that you know who is looking for a job, to review this
   program as well.  I know I can certainly benefit from your
   input.  I hope that you too can benefit from the information
   and employment opportunities that you find there.

   The Virtual Classifieds basically consists of two types of

     (1) The Index -  a comprehensive listing of all of the
     open positions, segmented by major skill category.  The
     Index is designed to provide a quick, one-line listing
     for each position which identifies enough of the
     position's characteristics so that the job seeker can
     determine whether or not to pursue the opening.  Featured
     characteristics include skill description, employer,
     geographic location, salary and permanent vs. contract
     status.  Each listing is then coded for easy reference.
     (2) The Individual Job Summary - a comprehensive layout
     which will detail each of the hundreds of open positions
     in much greater detail.  Here, there is far greater
     definition of the skill, experience and educational
     requirements on a job by job basis.  Each summary is
     displayed in a standard format and is coded so that the
     casual reader can quickly and easily make sense of it.

   Again, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
   Positive, Negative, Neutral - anything goes!

   Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to go off topic 


                                   Barbara Schulz
                                   General Manager

                                   Inet Address:  avc at ace.com
                                   Phone:  617-674-2354
                                   US Mail:
                                     PO Box 621, Lexington, MA  02173

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