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A Modest Proposal

RYBICKI, ED ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Thu Sep 29 03:02:08 EST 1994

> fbi is all ready looking into this nut that posted this messgae in 
> sig has we speak my uncle is in the law force and when i saw this 
> that is the first thing i did i made a call and got involed well 
it just
> a matter of time to catch this guy and  this guy does not no that
> he all ready  comented a crime by  posting such a message well 
> said he will be caught

This is getting ridiculous!  If what this person did is a crime, 
then Kurt Vonnegut shold have been inside long ago, as should ANYONE 
(eg. Frank Herbert of White Plague fame, and Robin Cook of Terminal) 
who have proposed similar (and equally unworkable) schemes!!

Less of the hysteria, and less of the ridiculous and semi-illiterate 
postings such as the one above!  If the guy wasn't being 
tongue-in-cheek, then he is sufficiently uninformed as to be 
harmless; if he was, then he got his response, and we should all 
calm down!  Please!!

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