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New molecular biology internet site

luis m. branco 102143.3332 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Mon Feb 5 18:48:33 EST 1996

Dear users,

In an effort to disseminate information and incite discussion on molecular
biology topics and concerns, a new Home Page has been designed and published on
the Internet.  This Page, entitled DNAcers, is composed of the following
sections, each aimed at presenting interested users with individual aspects of
molecular biology:

>  DNAcers:  Home Page, including internal links to all pages and external links
to other relevant Internet sites containing pertinent information on molecular
>  Introduction:  A brief description of DNAcers and its main purpose(s).  
>  Tip of the week:  A section designed to provide short tips on aspects of
molecular biology applications that may be of interest to bench researchers.
>  Best Products List:  A section designed to provide concise information
regarding the best molecular biology reagents, enzymes, kits, etc. available on
the market.
>  Technical Blues:  A section designed to provide extensive information on
protocols, troubleshooting, alternatives, and sources of references.
>  Services:  DNAcers offers a variety of services in the areas covered by this
page to users interested in extensively researched topics, with full reports
provided.  DNAcers also provides consulting services in Baculovirus Expression
Systems and methodology.
>  Software:  A section designed to review and rate scientific software
programs: new, upgrades, and alternatives.  Relevant Freeware and Shareware are
included along with access sites.
>  Equipment:  A section designed to provide reviews and specifications on
research equipment, cost effectiveness, repair rate, maintenance schedules, etc.
>  New Products:  A section designed to disseminate information on new products
distributed by Biotechnology Industries.
>  Literature review:  A section where short reviews of manuals, books, and
other literature relevant to molecular biology at large are presented.
>  Copyrights:  This section properly credits all trademark and copyright
references found in section text(s), and provides a disclaimer.
>  Other relevant Net sites:  Accessed via the DNAcers Home Page only, this page
contains a list of relevant sites.  Addresses for each site have been included
and will be automatically dialed at the click of a mouse.

Please note that DNAcers is a very new site and is currently in the process of
being designed and improved.  Each Page is equipped with a Comments? icon that
will automatically link it to e-mail so that interested users may provide
comments and suggestions.  Constructive comments and suggestions from users are
welcome and will be included in the Page upon receipt.

In an effort to incite discussion and cooperation in this fast expanding field,
we hope this Page will become a means by which molecular biology information may
reach users from and to all corners of the globe.

The current DNAcers URL address is:
This Home Page is currently on Compuserve.  It will soon be renamed to DNAcers
and made available on another server.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation in making this site a success!!!



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