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Elaine Morse (BIO) morse at chuma.cas.usf.edu
Mon Feb 12 13:22:34 EST 1996

Microbiology undergrad seeks feedback on the following questions related 
to virology....All responses greatly appreciated!   Thanks for your time, E.

1)  Are viruses ALIVE?
2)  What is the definition of viral purity?
3)  What factors limit host range?
4)  What is the minimum info needed to:a) uniquely id a virus within a 
Group? a Family? a Genus? a Species? as a Strain? as Unique/new?  b) 
diagnose pathology as a consequence of virus infection? & c) diagnose 
pathology as a consequence of specific virus infection?
5) Which assays give high resolution answers for diagnosis? and Why?
6)  What are the important concepts of virus structure? How are they 
7)   How do you quantify virus? What are the problems involved?

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