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Tue Feb 13 02:37:09 EST 1996

> In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.960212130947.721A-100000 at chuma>, "Elaine Morse
> (BIO)" <morse at chuma.cas.usf.edu> wrote:
> > Microbiology undergrad seeks feedback on the following questions related 
> > to virology....All responses greatly appreciated!   Thanks for your time, E.
> > 
> > 1)  Are viruses ALIVE?


> > 2)  What is the definition of viral purity?

When it's pure.

> > 3)  What factors limit host range?


> > 4)  What is the minimum info needed to:a) uniquely id a virus within a 
> > Group?

Shirt colour

 a Family? 


a Genus?


 a Species? 

Name only heard during pillowtalk

as a Strain? 

If it's heavy

as Unique/new?  b) 

If it's COOOLLLL...

> > diagnose pathology as a consequence of virus infection? & 

Damn!  He's sick with a virus!!

c) diagnose 
> > pathology as a consequence of specific virus infection?

Damn!  He's sick with the FLU virus!!

> > 5) Which assays give high resolution answers for diagnosis? 

Electron micrsocopy

and Why?

Because it is a high resolution technique

> > 6)  What are the important concepts of virus structure? 

Does it have one?

How are they 
> > measured?


> > 7)   How do you quantify virus? What are the problems involved?

Carefully, generally.  Legion: which is why it took over 40 years to 
go from the concept to the first pure virus particles.

This IS a flame.  Textbooks would do a lot of good here.

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