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HSV and pregnancy

Ed Uthman uthman at domi.net
Fri Feb 16 10:24:32 EST 1996

In article <mcoon-1502960953010001 at pesto.microbiol.washington.edu>
upyers, mcoon at u.washington.edu writes:

>It is YOU who are wrong. See Giovanni Maga's post. I include a snip for
>your edification.
>>HSV 1 and HSV 2 neonatal infections are quite rare. These viruses seem not
>>to be able to cause transplacental infections. The reported cases of HSV
>>neonatal infections are mainly due to infection of the newborn during
>Ms Maga goes on to suggest some reasonable considerations and Janice
>whould be wise to consult with her doctor.
>Frankly, I find it frightening that someone in your position would tell a
>women with an active HSV infection that the risk of transmission to her
>child is zero.

Halan, there is nothing in the text you quoted that is inconsistent with
what Len said, which is right in line with what I know about HSV. Also,
Len never said that the risk of transmission is "zero." In medicine,
_nothing_ is "zero." 
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