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HSV and pregnancy

upyers mcoon at u.washington.edu
Fri Feb 16 13:03:24 EST 1996

For the record;

1) While the risk to the neonate of aquiring HSV from the mother is low
compared to risks from, say, drinking alcohol, smoking, or getting hit by
a city bus, it a real risk. This is worth repeating. THE. RISK. IS. NOT.

2) Len; thank you for agreeing with me;

> Certainly when the baby is born there is a very very small risk that
> the baby could acquire HSV from the mother during the neonatal period.

apology accepted (though not offered).

3) You wrote;

>I was most concerned that your (Harlan's) post would
>encourage the mother (Janice) to take oral acyclovir (which is
>contraindicated in pregnancy except for very severe HSV and VZV
>infections since it is potentially teratogenic) and that it would cause
>undue anxiety.

*YOU* infered this. I said NOTHING about drug therapy. I suggested that
she speak to her doctor about the risks of transmission and ways to avoid
it. You, LEN, even suggested ways that she can reduce her risk;

>she should try and avoid the
>baby coming into contact with this area by covering it and washing
>hands etc. 

I, too, would be loathe to suggest drug therapy. I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING
ABOUT IT IN MY ORIGINAL POST. Never the less, any therapy that might be
undertaken is a descision that only Janice and her doctor could make.

4) Unless you, Len, have examined her, you (nor anyone else) can NOT
assess her needs or evaluate her risk. That is between her and her doctor.

5) My appologies to Dr. Maga. I typed Ms instead of Mr. 


"The two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity" Harlan Ellison

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