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New Ebola outbreak?

Hans Andersson hasse at panix.com
Fri Feb 16 21:20:04 EST 1996

For those of you that doesn't subscribe to ProMED. Here's Ebola news of today,
February 16, including references to the "Outbreak" web site:Date: 

Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 19:17:28 -0500
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ProMED Digest  Friday, 16 February 1996   Volume 96 : Number 034

* * * EBOLA EXCERPTS * * *

PROMED-EDR: Hemorrhagic fever - Gabon

PROMED-AHEAD-EDR: Hemorrhagic fever - Gabon (2)  

PROMED-AHEAD-EDR: Hemorrhagic fever - Gabon (3) 

From: "John P. Woodall" <woodall at wadsworth.org> Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996
15:00:49 -0500 (EST) Subject: PROMED-EDR: Hemorrhagic fever - Gabon 

Date: Fri.16 Feb 1996
From: jack.woodall at wadsworth.com


Source: Times-Union, Albany NY, USA, Fri.16 Feb.1996, p.A8 (AP report) -

WHO notified CDC yesterday (Thursday) that it had received reports of 15
deaths from a disease with symptoms similar to Ebola fever in the village
of Mukuoku in northwestern Gabon, west Africa. An international team is en
route there. Blood samples will be sent to the Institut Pasteur, Paris for
diagnosis. - Mod.JW

Fri, 16 Feb 1996 17:56:32 -0500
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From: Jack Woodall <jack.woodall at wadsworth.org> Subject: Toby EDR:
Hemorrhagic fever - Gabon (2) 


Source - http://www.who.ch/programmes/emc/pressrel.htm -
Press Release WHO 16 February 1996

10 Dead, Nine Others Hospitalized



Acting on a request from the Government of Gabon, an international team of
medical experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), Gabon and France
has arrived in a remote village in northern Gabon to investigate an
outbreak of suspected Ebola haemorrhagic fever which has killed 10 people
and infected at least nine others. 

All 19 persons are from the village of Mayibout, located on the Ivindo
River in a sparsely populated area about 150 kilometers from Makokou, the
provincial capital of Ogooue-Ivindo. 

The patients were admitted to the provincial hospital in Makokou on 5 and
6 February exhibiting symptoms of high fever, bloody diarrhoea and
severely reddened eyes. The nine survivors have been isolated as a measure
to prevent further spread of infection, and appear to be recovering.

Preliminary laboratory results on blood specimens which were taken from
nine of the patients support the initial diagnosis of Ebola haemorrhagic
fever. Confirmatory tests are currently underway. 

In addition to the 19 cases admitted to the hospital in Makokou, four
other persons are under surveillance in Mayibout for possible infection.

The initial source of transmission for the outbreak is reported to have
been contact by the patients with a chimpanzee on 26 January. The
circumstances are being investigated by the medical team, which is seeking
to identify other persons who may have had contact either with the
chimpanzee or with the Ebola victims and to institute appropriate
infection control measures.

If confirmed, the outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Gabon will mark
the second appearance of the disease on the African continent since the
epidemic in Zaire in 1995 which infected 316 people and killed 245, a 77%
fatality rate. A single case of Ebola was confirmed in Côte d'Ivoire in
December. The patient survived. 

WHO is leading an international collaborative 2-year study project in the
Tai Forest of Côte d'Ivoire aimed at identifying the natural host
reservoir of the Ebola virus, which is the key to identifying its mode of
transmission. This would help predict when and where Ebola outbreaks are
most likely to occur and what behaviour modifications could prevent


Martin Hugh-Jones
World Health Organization Collaborating Center for reference and training
in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for Veternary Public

School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University

internet: mehj2020 at bonnet.vetmed.lsu.edu 

From: mehj2020 at bonnet.vetmed.lsu.edu (Martin Hugh-Jones) Date: Fri, 16 Feb
96 18:10:47 CST
Subject: PROMED-AHEAD-EDR: Hemorrhagic fever - Gabon (3) 

Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 15:07:29 -0800
From: kaimuse at apocalypse.org (Kai Matthews) 


More information from multiple sources on the reported outbreak of Ebola
in far northern Gabon, including a map of the area, can be found on the
*Active Outbreaks* page of the WWW site OUTBREAK, which is updated

Point your browser at:


If you haven't registered previously at OUTBREAK, you'll need to do that
first. It takes but a moment, and costs nothing. 

The apparent initial exposure to Ebola seems to have occured on January
26th in the village of Mayibout when villagers skinned a chimpanzee in
preparation for a feast. The patients were admitted to the hospital in the
provincial capital of Makokou. 

A WHO press release stated that 10 of the 19 cases have died. A Reuters
report stated that 15 people had died, with 9 of those 15 having
Ebola-like symptoms.

- --
Kai Matthews, Associate Editor, OUTBREAK
kaimuse at apocalypse.org
"The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know." - Bucky Fuller

--Hans Andersson, NYC
hasse at panix.com

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