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Sea Turtle Virus Question

Ursula Keuper-Bennett howzit at io.org
Mon Feb 19 19:53:09 EST 1996

My husband and I have been diving with the same group of sea turtles for 
over 5 years now.  In that time we have been observing the spread of a 
disease called Fibropapillomas.

I have surfed the Net for viral information and got plenty of help from 
some virologists who were generous with their time.  Now I come here 

We just went through our photos/log books and noticed something about 
the sick turtles' eyes.

Of the sea turtles who developed this disease, all but rare exceptions 
showed tumours in the eyes first.  Of the eye tumours, where there was a 
single tumour, 100% occurred in the posterior of the eye.  Of the 
two-tumoured eyes, 100% had the tumour posterior to the eye larger.

I would just like to know if anyone is aware of another viral disease 
that has such a strong association with the eyes.  For example, I went 
back to early years' videotape of turtles who in 1995 were very ill.

When I reviewed 1992-3 tape, I would notice (when I finally looked for 
it) that a turtle documented as "healthy" by me in 1992 showed something 
funny in the rear of the eye.  By 94 or 95 this animal would show 

So I am just wondering if anyone knows of a viral disease that might be 
transmitted through the eyes but then cause the entire body to break out 
in tumours and lumps.

Thanks for your time

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