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MED:RES: Myelin, Encephalomyelitis, and Encephalopathy

Ingrid K. Buxton buxtoni at mixcom.com
Fri Feb 23 14:43:18 EST 1996

>On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, K. Weber wrote:  The viruses and immune complexes seem to attack 
>> the part of the brain which processes sugar in the blood.  If there were 
>> not an attack on the brain, I doubt that the metabolic disorder would 
>> exist.  It is not in our muscles, it is in the Kreb's Metabolic Cycle 
>> which is controlled by the brain.  This defecit deprives our muscles of the 
>> glycogen they need to control muscle function without pain and bodies the 
>> ability to control their own temperature. 
.....   All cells "grab" their own supply of glucose from the blood
and use immediately, while some cells (not the brain or heart) store
excess as glycogen. Non-glucose sugars and carbohydrates are processed
in the liver into glucose.  The Kreb's cycle occurs in the
mitochondria in every cell. Temperature and hunger are controlled by
cells within the brain as is the production of many hormones. Insulin,
the controller of glucose levels, is produced in the pancreas by the
Islet cells. Ingrid

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