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Chances of Andromeda Strain?

Elliott Dawson bvepd at Telalink.Net
Mon Feb 26 21:07:06 EST 1996

It has happened once for sure and possibly three times in history.  The 
black death which swept China, India and Europe in the 13th century was 
airborne plague bacillus.  It is estimated that 20-30% of the population was 
killed.  Some estimates give death rates among infected individuals as high 
as 90%.  This rate of mortality is every bit as high as Lassa or Ebola.  
When the europeans first encountered the american natives, european 
diseases-small pox etc. decimated the New World populations.  Some 
historians ascribe population loss at 60-80% from these diseases.  The flu 
pandemic of 1918 took a terrible toll, it is estimated that ~18-20,000,000 
people died.  In a world where poverty thrives and urban centers develop 
without sanitary considerations, it's only a matter of time.

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