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Rory Kirchner rory at csh.rit.edu
Mon Feb 26 20:27:11 EST 1996

In article <4gqj2g$68h at its.hooked.net> meunier at hooked.net (Christopher M. Meunier) writes:
>Randall Moore <randallt at flinet.com> wrote:
>>I have just started reading the book HOT ZONE, Everyone at my work 
>>insists that the movie OUTBREAK was made from that book. I don't think 
>>that is correct, The book is factual the movie is fiction. I think it has 
>>similarities but that is a given since they are both about a leathal 
>>So will someone please set me straight with the facts
>>Thank YOu
>The book is very factual. The movie is Hollywood fictional. This means
>that it does have very factual underlying truths. However, to make the
>movie popular in the Box Office and sales, the screenwriters had to
>change a few bits about it. They threw in the conspiracy theory.
>That's always a favorites of the post-pot-smokers for making movies.
>Blame it on the government. 
>Back to your question, yes, it is a fictional movie.
>Have a good day. =)

The book, while it may be factual, does indeed blow Ebola way out of 
proportion. If it was going to wipe out the world, it would have done it by
now, it's had enough chances to in places that just beg for world outbreaks,
like Zaire.

There are more imminently dangerous diseases about, like rift valley fever.
Ebola, while it's gruesome, isn't going to wipe out the world. 
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