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*cow's* milk and Netiquette.

Giovanni Maga maga at vetbio.unizh.ch
Tue Feb 27 09:54:40 EST 1996

In article <124312Z26021996 at anon.penet.fi>, an514858 at anon.penet.fi wrote:

> Hi All:  It's Susan here again (mom to "Bobby" my 8 year old with MPD).
> I've really been enjoying this group and I'm so glad I found it, despite a
> few nasty people who think name-calling and ridicule are appropriate
> reactions to my problems. 

Dear Suzie...since you posted your message to 14 different
newsgropus...which one are you enjoying? I think that crossposting this
message to sci.med, sci.med immunology, sci.med pharmacy, bionet.virology
(where I'm reading it) and bionet.immunology was REALLY bad Netiquette. I
can see it appropriate to misc.kids, misc.kids.pregnancy,
misc.kids.breastfeeding, misc.kids.health. So, why not limiting your
posting there? It's very easy.

Coming to your question: *why a mother couldn't feed her baby with her
breast milk until he/she is adult?* (I will answer you personally for the
reasons detailed above): the time during which women are producing milk
after delivery is variable. A few weeks as well as several months. It
depends basically on their hormonal metabolism. You certainly know that
some women do not produce milk at all. Actually, prolonged production of
breast milk can also give raise to inflammation, mastitis and other
unpleasant side effects. Moreover, witihin the milk, salts and vitamins
essential to the mother are continuously lost. This cannot be prolonged
too much. The fact that women (contrary to cows) DO NOT naturally produce
milk every day for all their life, should make a difference, shouldn't it?
I agree with you that ridicule isn't an appropriate answer. But you can
reduce this kind of unpleasant answers by choosing better the newsgroups
you are posting to.
Regards, Giovanni.

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