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harriss at earthlink.net harriss at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 18 10:17:09 EST 1996

>   brett at borcim.wustl.edu (brett) writes:
>  Hello virology readers, question requiring your input. As acting moderator,
>  I have to decide which messages actually get put into the virology
>  I try to interpret the newsgroup charter liberally, and have only had to
>  out small amounts of spam. Essentially, anything dealing with virology in a
>  serious fashion gets in. Lately however I have been getting posts regarding
>  job offerings or jobs sought. Some of them are virology related, but many are
>  not, so I kindly return them. Most are cross-posted to other newsgroups.
>  Given the job market, I think most of you probably would like to hear about
>  job openings in virology. My guess is that you don't want to read recent
>  graduates' resumes, however. So, I open this for discussion. Should this
>  group handle this talk? Should there be a distinction between job openings
>  or job seekers? BTW, I thought there was a separate bionet group to handle
>  such traffic. Could anyone confirm this? Remember, this is YOUR group as
>  much as anyone's, so please give me feedback. If we can reach a consensus
>  it may be possible to amend the group charter. FYI, I am posting the most
>  recent version of the charter that I have as a separate post.
>  Brett Lindenbach
>  Program in Immunology
>  Washington University - St Louis
>  brett at borcim.wustl.edu
>  "I own my own pet virus. I get to pet and name her." - Cobain
Regarding your question about posting resume's of recent graduates; I feel
that this is one of the most
important aspects of this and other scientific forums.  I am a recent B.S.
recipient in biology and relied on
the online directories for most of my job searching.  I hope the time that
I took to post my resume on the
net was not wasted as my resume was deleted because of my education level.
Many undergraduate
grads are very enthusiastic and willing to work for a low salary in order
to gain experience, contacts and
inspiriation.  I understand that it gets tiring reading CV after CV of
unqualified candidates, but I dont think
that passing over recent graduates (even master and PhD holders) is the
answer.  Maybe the birology
jobs can be split between entry level lab/resarch assit positions and those
who seek pos-doctoral

Harris Soifer
Cytogenetics Laboratory
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
hsoifer at mailgate.csmc.edu

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