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Outbreak - Ebola Gabon, October 1996

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Fri Oct 18 12:47:49 EST 1996

> October 12, 1996
> Seven people have died of Ebola in Gabon since October 5. It is the
> second Ebola outbreak in the central African nation this year.
> The number of people infected with the virus is not known yet, but at
> least 27 people have been in contact with the victims, according to
> Dr. Andre Ndikuyeza of the World Health Organization headquarter in
> neighboring Congo.
> Victims are treated at a hospital in Boue, about 75 miles east of
> Gabon's capital of Libreville. At least three additional cases of
> Ebola infection have been reported, including one person in critical
> condition.
> In February 1996 an Ebola outbreak in Gabon killed 13 people.
> Sources: Associated Press and Reuter (October 11, 1996).
> October 14, 1996
> The World Health Organization reports that they have been informed of
> an outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Boue, Gabon, 200 km west of
> Makokou, where an outbreak caused 37 cases in February and March of
> 1996. A team from WHO is on site assisting the national health
> authorities in investigating and controlling the outbreak.
> Source: World Health Organization - Disease outbreaks reported
> (October 14).
> October 15, 1996
> A Report from the World Health Organization
> Gabon. An outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever began a few weeks ago
> in the Makokou region, in the north-eastern part of the country.
> Fourteen cases have been detected so far, of which ten were fatal, two
> are recovering and two are acutely ill in hospital. According to the
> Ministry of Health of Gabon, the first case occurred on 24 July in a
> hunter who probably became infected in the forest and died in a
> hospital in Boue, 200 km from Makokou, on 7 August. The last suspected
> case, which had no obvious link to other cases, died on 8 October.
> Sixty contacts have been identified of which 40 will require
> follow-up. Serological diagnosis with locally available reagents
> confirmed that an Ebola-like virus is responsible for the outbreak;
> further tests on blood and tissues samples are in process at the WHO
> Collaborating Centre at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in
> Atlanta, USA.
> The Ministry of Health quickly reinforced the local health facilities
> with medical and paramedical staff. A WHO team was requested 11
> October and arrived on site the following day to assist in the
> investigation of the outbreak, follow-up of contacts and control
> activities. WHO has also provided logistic support for the teams.
> Control activities include epidemiological investigation,
> establishment of proper case diagnosis, review of cases and available
> data, and clinical management including the establishment of
> facilities for isolation of patients in two pre-defined sites in case
> of need. Laboratory studies will continue aiming at the isolation of a
> virus and further serological evidence among case-contacts and
> convalescents. Health workers in dispensaries between Makokou (200 km
> east of Boue) and Mbomaho (100 km west of Boue) will be trained in
> active surveillance.
> This report is quoted directly from:
> World Health Organization - Emerging and Other Communicable Diseases
> (EMC). Disease outbreaks reported, Oct. 15 1996.
> October 16, 1996
> The World Health Organization reports that 11 people now have died of
> Ebola in Gabon. Four additional cases are also diagnosed since
> yesterday=92s medical bulletin from WHO, with a new total of 18 Ebola
> infected victims.
> The information comes from Ebrahim Samba, WHO's Africa regional
> director in neighbouring Brazzaville, Congo.
> Source: Reuter Information Service

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