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Has HIV really been isolated?

Ed Rybicki ed at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Tue Oct 29 10:41:41 EST 1996

> From:          todd33 at ix.netcom.com (Todd Miller )
> Subject:       Has HIV really been isolated?

> The Australians argue that the phenomena (PCR and antibody)
> associated with "HIV" are artifacts of either endogenous retroviral
> activity, or as I posted recently, of the body's antibody response
> to other microorganisms, notably yeast, fungi, and mycobacteria.
> Their theory is that oxidative stress, coming from various sources
> common to the known risk groups for AIDS, can result in many of
> the phenomena (AB+ and PCR+).

What are these "risk groups"?  Do they include "sexually active
people in Africa and Asia", or "babies born of HIV+ mothers" who are
a) homosexual
b) IV drug abusers
c) users of amyl nitrate in any manner or form
d) haemophiliacs?
If they do not, then how can anybody claim these people - who
presently constitute the largest grouping of people with AIDS - have
any risk factors in common other than being infected with HIV,
acquired during normal sexual intercourse, or by being born to / fed
by, an HIV-infected mother?

More absolute bullshit by those too stubborn or deluded to believe
simple proofs.

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