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Serological detection of dsRNA

Ed Rybicki ed at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Mon Apr 21 10:52:52 EST 1997

> From:          Miguel Filipe Carvalho <mfcarval at marao.utad.pt>
> Subject:       Serological detection of dsRNA

> I'm currently working in serological detection of double stranded RNA
> (dsRNA) of plant viruses, and would like to exchange some ideas... Is
> anyone actually working in it ??

Interesting...I know a number of people have made antisera to dsRNA, 
and that there was at least one poster at the last ICV in Jerusalem 
on use of Ab to dsRNA to localise replication sites in a cell.  
<HINT>Pity the info isn't on the Web / Net so it can be searched, 

But why do that, unless to have a non-specific "virus" detection 
test?  Doesn't tell you much, does it?  I would have thought a 
western-blot type of procedure - where you electrophorese and blot 
the dsRNA in a total NA mix - would bea good idea in that one could 
then characterise the numbers / sizes of dsRNAs as well as simply 
detecting them...huh?

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